Name Zidra
Designer MexicanManatee
Gender Male
Age Built to be 16 (1), 18 (2), 20 (3), 23 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 4in

Zidra (ゼドラ, Zedora) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series designed by MexicanManatee.


Zidra is the second of the Jetters, being created following the completion of Redd.

Unlike his happy-go-lucky and energetic sister, Zidra is calm, quiet and independent, preferring being alone and isolated from his family of fellow androids, especially his bigger brothers Aozora and Higure. Inversely, Zidra has a decent bond with Ciber, whom he shares a room with.

Zidra's greatest fear is the concept of death- which he developed ever since he was first created. Said fear led to Zidra growing wary of his surroundings in nearly any situation he's in, even when suited up for action in his battle armor. Seeing one of his family members on the battlefield in grave danger will trigger a split persona- causing Zidra to grow mad with power and boost his strength and mobility until he removes whatever threatens his family.

After two years following his creation and entering adulthood, Zidra slowly warmed up to the rest of the family despite retaining some of his negative traits from when he was first built.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his battle armor, Zidra specializes in hand-to-hand combat, wielding a personalized sword crafted to match the looks of the armor. Zidra is experienced at scouting out areas for possible threats so he and the other Jetters can better prepare for oncoming danger.