Name Zeshiro
Designer SuperJustinBros
Gender Male
Age 21 (Arc 1)
23 (Arc 2)
25 (Arc 3)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 7in

Zeshiro (澤史郎, Sawashirō) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Zeshiro is outfitted with long dark red hair (one trim of hair is left uncut, extending just below his shirt), pale grey-tan skin, violet eyes, a black peg earring, a tan and black stone necklace, a dark brown-red leather jacket with a grey buttoned shirt underneath, brown/black gloves, dark grey jeans with several crescent-shaped gemstones hanging from his left pocket, and dark pale red sneakers with grey stripes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zeshiro is a skilled mage with levitation and manipulation skills, amongst many other spells at his disposal.