The WARMEN are a series of humanoid war machines that serve as major characters in their home series, WARMAN. Outside of crossovers, they are otherwise not present in Aozora's Adventure.


The WARMEN and WARWOMEN are created inside a high-tech laboratory located in northern Japan in the middle of a large desert, which also serves as their place of residence, as each model has his/her own private chamber with a bed, a desk with a computer, a television set, and other goods usually associated with each model.

The artificial, rubbery and flexible skin used on every model is built to be as close in feel and texture to human skin as possible. All models are programed with keen senses of touch, hearing, scent, and taste. Models can also sense hunger and thirst, and are fully capable of ingesting human food and drink, with the food traveling into an artificial metallic stomach where the food is incinerated and the liquids are boiled and evaporated into reserve fuel and energy.

On the back of every WARMAN and WARWOMAN, there are two metallic pipes used for receiving fuel and energy from specially-designed fueling stations. These stations have two nozzles that attach themselves onto the tubes on a model's back, pumping the necessary resources into their body. In combat, models wear large fuel packs which lock tightly onto the back of the model, connecting the pipes on their body to those of the fuel pack's, providing a model with much more survivability.

Regardless of their personality and body shape, each model has high strength, intelligence, and dexterity, and are capable of both physical hand-to-hand combat and using many types of hand-wielded weapons well with only a small amount of practice or prior experience beforehand, though some models are better at using certain weapons than others.

The body of a WARMAN or WARWOMAN usually contains small weapons and tools, such as retractable blades on the sides or underside of their arm(s), fingers with small needles/spikes or pellet guns, and jet-powered thrusters on the bottom or sides of their boot-shaped feet. In some cases, thrusters are also present on a model's fuel pack.

Most weapons designed for specific use by the WARMEN and WARWOMEN have rounded bases that magnetically attach themselves onto a WARMAN's arm and are operated by the model's consciousness and artificial muscles. Due to this they are usually very large weapons which hold high amounts of ammunition, since otherwise they would be difficult to reload without detaching them from the model's arm. Ontop of these specially-made weapons, WARMEN can opt to use normal weapons operated through triggers/buttons, which is required for certain types of weapons.

The WARMEN and WARWOMEN can also pilot special Armor crafted solely for their use.

Weapon TypesEdit

Available to use by the WARMEN are a wide variety of different weapons, which include the following:

  • Rifles
  • Machine Guns
  • Shotguns
  • Miniguns and Chainguns
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Grenade/Explosive launchers
  • Swords
  • Plasma Cannons
  • Other bladed/melee weapons

Weapons created specifically for one model are sometimes customized to match the designs of the model's armor. Weapon types and styles can also be mixed.


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The WARMEN were originally conceived in the year 4019, as an attempt at creating highly intelligent artificial human beings built for war, each one housing as many guns, utilities, and other forms of weaponry as possible while being able to take a very large amount of gunfire and just shake it off as if nothing happened. As the planet was falling into despair from many close victories with aliens and numerous hostile forces, including humans form other planets, the inhabitants of Earth were willing to accept this at their last chance of redemption and survival.

The laboratory where the WARMEN would soon be created took three years to fully construct, using the world's leading designers, engineers, mechanics, and armament manufacturers to create it. The final result was a laboratory that doubled as a research institute, serving to study the objects the WARMEN would discover and develop possible enhancements to the WARMEN's armor, weaponry, and other equipment.

After about two months of settling in and planning drafts, the workers of the lab began development of the first WARMAN, codenamed M-01, and would spend several months afterwards creating multiple builds for individual parts to pick out the most-functional and well-optimized designs for the job. Being the first model, the designers of M-01 would spend a total of five months perfecting his design and making sure it wouldn't be prone to break downs. After about three weeks of training sessions, M-01 was considered complete, and so he was brought out for battle alongside the other human fighters; serving as co-captain.

Seeing great success following the completion of M-01 and his victories in battles drawing in attention from around the world, the workers of the laboratory, now called headquarters, began to pitch ideas for a possible second WARMAN to begin development. With many new crew members volunteering and with three scientists leading the project, the production of M-02 was in full steam, with M-01 staying out of battles to watch his brother being worked on early in his development. Three months of developing and testing would pass, and M-02 would be declared finished and ready for action. It would be at this moment when M-02 and M-01 would make eye-contact with one another as M-02 walks out of his final test session and approval from the scientists, sharing positive chemistry and shaking hands with M-01 despite their contrasting personalities. Ultimately, M-02 was built to be slightly faster; but less durable than his brother, with the tradeoff between speed and strength balancing the two WARMEN out. Ultimately, their efforts proved to be a success, with M-01 and M-02 emerging victorious in nearly every battle they fought.

In the following months, other scientists led the creation of four other models. M-03 was made less durable but with more agility compared to M-02, M-04 was made to be the shortest and most agile of the currently existing models, M-05 attempted to bring things back to scale with a model that was both quick and durable, and M-06 would be somewhere close to M-02's levels in strength, but with more of M-05's agility. Because the teams that created these next four models were very large, development and testing was noticeably quicker than with the first two models, including having periods where both the current WARMAN was being completed and in the testing phase and the next WARMAN was being drafted up and ready to start production. The four models would all be finished within five months, and they would be sent off to fight in more battles. Their victories would encourage the top scientists at headquarters to expand their industry; with new minor laboratories being built in other locations of Earth to further lead development and research, including intergalactic space stations. During this time, the current six WARMEN were still leading battles, but as they fought more and more, they started to become overwhelmed by the power of some of the opponents that they would confront later in their lives, and grew tired of the repetitive nature of their job.

Meanwhile in an remote unknown location, an amateur scientist named Dr. Gavrilovich was working on drafts at his home for a potential model design. Unlike the official designs, this model was a female build built with the same level of strength and durability as the other models. Dr. Gavrilovich would later fly himself to the main headquarters where he presented the rough drafts and blueprints to the head staff. Initially, they were unsure about going with the idea due to the industry being more used to the male-oriented models and believing that this model wouldn't be up to par with the others for being the opposite gender, however the six models approached and declared that a female model would be something to give them motivation and encouragement. Feeling as if they would have no other choice, the staff approved of Dr. Gavrilovich's idea, dubbing it M-07 WARWOMAN, and began construction on her. After two months, M-07 emerged from the testing facility to meet her brothers, and despite mixed reactions from the humans standing with her, M-07 was openly greeted by the six WARMEN. From that point forward, M-07 accompanied the men in their fights, showing favorable results.

Some time after, Gavrilovich decided to stay with the other scientists at the lab to work on a second model of his design, witnessing two other newely-recruited scientists leading the creation of balanced-build M-08 WARMAN and agility build M-09 WARMAN over a period of two months. Gavrilovich wanted this WARMAN to be his masterpiece, spending nights and days in isolation working on drafts and blueprints while taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the first six models and M-07, revealing his plans to headquarters only two weeks before M-09's completion date. The draft was of M-10 WARMAN, whose concepts spread across many papers and documents, easily becoming the most ambitious design by far. Gavrilovich's plans overwhelmed most of the workers, who feared that a design like this would be near impossible. Having already made a big impact with M-07's creation, the seven scientists that developed the other models decided to pitch in and help Gavrilovich perfect his idea, getting it into a state where it could easily be understood and worked on by all the workers at the lab. In due time, the project was approved, and Gavrilovich watched as his creation began to undergo development.

About a month and a half later, M-10 began to take shape and entered the training and testing phase, to Dr. Gavrilovich's absolute delight.


The members are listed in reverse production order, with newer models placed first.

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