Name Vinzenz
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Built to be 30 (1)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft 3in

Vinzenz (ヴィンセン Vuinsen) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series. He is part of the Darkness side story.


Vinzenz is an android with the appearance of a well-fit but somewhat slim man, wearing a large black leather trench coat with black gloves and boots. He has black hair shaped into a thick, custom-styled pompadour.


Vinzenz was originally created in a factory located in a city well known for it's sexual imagery as a prostitute to be used by women for sexual purposes. After several months into his career, Vinzenz began to grew tired and eventually disbanded from his job to look for other occupations within the city. Sometime after, he had his normal robot arms removed and replaced with special bionic arms, however he saw little to no use for them at the time, having them added on just to "look even cooler".

While chilling in a bar examining and experimenting with his bionic arms at a table, he was noticed by Dedrick who took interest in Vinzenz' abnormality. After some banter, the two became buddies, with Vinzenz finally finding a use for his weaponry.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Under his black gloves, Vinzenz has two hands composed of metallic parts which can freely shape-shift into a handful of bladed combat weapons, such as swords, claws, and chainsaws. If electrically over-charged, Vinzenz can morph his arms into one of several gun shapes and fire beams of electricity at enemies.


  • Vinzenz' appearance and initial backstory was based off of the character Gigolo Joe from the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Vinzenz' shapeshifting arms being able to take on several different forms were based on the mecha wing of the title character from the television series Robot Chicken, as demonstrated in "The Rescue" as part of the Season 5 finale "Fight Club Paradise".