Name Stefan
Designer Zinfer (Character)
Superjustinbros (Mecha)
Gender Male
Age 14 (Arc 3)
17 (Arc 4)
Nationality German
Height 5ft, 2in

Stefan (ステファン, Sutefan) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Stefan is a young boy who lives with his parents in northern Germany. He is confident in his actions and takes aim for a brighter future, but sometimes overlooks things and has a tendency to doze off. Despite only meeting each other briefly, he considers himself a fan of Aozora, and thus put himself into an outfit loosely based on his.

His father, in addition to taking part in arctic expeditions, is a longtime engineer. Stefan tries to follow in his father's footsteps, constructing various mecha and other machinery with his father's guidance. One of Stefan's most well-known creations is a battle robot with a circular oval-shaped body with an exposed cockpit on the top and two lights for eyes, two arms with claws for hands, tank threads for movement, and a pair of rocket thrusters on it's back for short flight. The robot has it's own consciousness and serves as a close ally to Stefan, and can be driven around by Stefan if he enters the cockpit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The robot can be modified for use in combat, replacing it's arms with various types of weapon-fitted arms. It can battle on it's own, or be controlled by Stefan during combat.



  • Stefan was originally a Russian boy named Stanislav. Due to the name sounding very complex for a character of his style, he was renamed to Stefan and was made German.
  • Stefan was named after game designer Stefan Heineke, who developed the DOS title Aquanoid.
  • Stefan's mech takes design liberties after the Rambler-Crane Series Robot from the Lost in Space film and Dark Man 1 from Mega Man 5.