Name Spectrum
Designer Pypixy
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 4in

Spectrum (スペクトラム, Supekutoramu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Spectrum's origins can be traced to a space station that was conducting experiments in outer space, with one of the researchers conducting experiments on three strange chemicals he ended up developing, colored red, green, and blue, each of which reacted violently with one another- resulting in a small colored spark when two of the chemicals were forced together. As the scientist continued, he discovered that the chemicals had a small amount of sentience that was steadily expanding and increasing along with the general size of each chemical. Since the chemicals could be potentially very dangerous, they were forcibly ejected out of the space station- left to drift in the empty vacuum of outer space.

Out in deep space, the three chemicals repeatedly collided with one another, releasing sparks of different colors. However, the sparks were emitted with far more frequency, heating up the chemicals in the process. Eventually, the three chemicals enlarged and fused into a multi-color blob- resulting in their sentience fusing as well. Remembering the people on the space station, the mixed chemicals soon began to form a human figure, which took two weeks total to complete. Even then, the figure was not perfect, and so the chemicals set off on the planet it was focused on, the planet Earth.

The chemicals formed into a rainbow comet and crashed into a small deserted area that was not too far from a small city, resulting in the chemicals losing their shape and returning to a gooey form. Some of the locals gathered around to see the impact, only to witness the chemicals rise from the ground as a multicolor orb of chemicals before flying off at high speed. As it flew across, it took notice of the humans it passed, steadily reshaping itself into a more accurate human shape complete with fully functioning senses, hair, skin, and clothing. It soon maintained this figure long enough and gained speech, resulting in the chemicals finally completing their transformation into Spectrum.


Despite being fused into one being, Spectrum developed three split personalities as a result from the three different colors his body consists of, and any one of them can suddenly hijack Spectrum's mind. The red personality is serious, intelligent, and always gets to the point, the green personality is wisecracking and carefree (but still serious), and the blue personality is devious and cunning.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each of the three personalities that form Spectrum can split off from the main body and form into an individual, fully functional Spectrum by transforming into light and solidifying itself afterward. When only one or two colors are merged together, the red, green, and blue parts of Spectrum's hair, eyes, and outfit turn into a solid color. When one personality is completely individual, he is either red, blue, or green. When two personalities share the same body, it becomes yellow when combined with red and green, cyan when combined with green and blue, or magenta when combined with red and blue. A total of three Spectrums can exist at once; but eventually they will be forced together as Spectrum only has enough power to keep each of his personalities split into different beings for approximately 30 minutes.

Each color (and combination) has access to different powers making use of chemical light energy. These can range from projectile attacks fired from the hands such as hard light bullets and prismatic lasers to various handheld weapons and arm/leg attachments. Spectrum can also cast six makeshift elementals using plasma, including fire (red), wind (green), and crystal (blue) on an individual or fully combined Spectrum or electricity (yellow), ice (cyan), and acid (magenta) on a Spectrum controlled with two personalities. If all three personalities are in the same body, Spectrum can launch a powerful white-colored beam of light; however it costs lots of energy to fire, forcing Spectrum to recharge his power afterwards.

Spectrum also has the ability of free-flight, leaving a solid or multicolor trail of color in his path, and he can phase through certain solid surfaces. While flying, Spectrum transforms his two capes into one large cape; returning to two individual capes when starting a battle.



  • Previously, Spectrum was known as "Haru"; this changed as the name was found unappealing.