Name Spade
Designer SimirrorofShadows
Gender Male
Age 23 (Arc 1)
25 (Arc 2)
27 (Arc 3)
Nationality Unknown

Spade (スペード Supēdo) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


While Spade looks reasonably calm and controlled on the outside, Spade is childish, immature, and lazy, perfectly fine with just lounging about in his personal headquarters without having to put any effort into working on an assignment. Due to this, he is rarely seen with the other important A. C. E. S. members despite the good bonds he shares with them. However, he is quite smart and knows very well about the tools he uses to kill, along with being very effective at combat and stealth if he is assigned to a mission, under the circumstances that he does not refuse for thinking it's something too complex or mundane.


Spade is the youngest member of the A. C. E. S. and is decent friends with it's leader, Joker. Spade specializes in both stealth and close-quarters combat- alongside Club, resorting solely to sharp bladed weapons effective in assassinations. For most of his spare time, Spade stays cooped up in headquarters napping, watching TV, and playing video games, and his tendency to refuse assignments for one reason or another has made him somewhat unreliable- causing Joker to assign him missions rarely and only in dire needs where his presence is essential to their success. When Spade does get out into the action however- he demonstrates good assassination skills on par with Club and Yuyomi. Sometimes to motivate himself, Spade will interpret an assignment as a video game, scoring points form every kill he accumulates- with accompanying comments.