Name Skye
Designer BubblePlash/Amecola (original design)
QueenieKomori (redesign)
Gender Male
Age 18 (Arc 1)
20 (Arc 2)
22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese

Skye (スカイ, Sukai) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series designed by Amecola.


Skye is a smart boy that has difficulties communicating with others. He is timid, quiet, and cautious from living a mostly independent life with very few friends growing up. Not long before Aozora's first encounter with him, Skye formed a small bond with Sakaki as the two shared similar interests.

When Skye first encountered Aozora in the hallways of their school, he tried to shy and turn away from him, but Sakaki talked Skye into the offer, leading to him approaching Aozora and offering to become friends, slowly holding out his hand for a handshake and looking off to the side expecting him to reject on no short terms. To his suprise, Aozora gladly shook Skye's hand with a smile, signaling a friendship between the two boys.

As the years grew past, Skye attempted to mature and drift away slowly from his loner traits. While still rarely smiling, he had acquired more self-confidence and made moves to make himself less distant from others. Seeing the combat potential of his friends, Skye decided to step up his fighting skills and begun training- with promising results.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even with his very clean and sharp appearance, Skye is entirely capable of engaging in fights with anything he is challenged by or deems a threat, demonstrating a smooth and swift fighting style which has only gotten stronger as time passed.