Name Sharkane
Designer SuperJustinBros
MTC-Studios (Boots design)
Timothy-Henri (Weapon design)
Gender Male
Age 39 (Arc 2)
41 (Arc 3)
Nationality Indian-Japanese
Height 6ft, 5in

Sharkane (シャークアネ, Shākuane) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Sharkane has light brown skin, red eyes, sharp canine teeth, and long messy brown hair which shoots up at the top (with the taller hairs being curved towards the back) but flows freely on the back. The hair is kept in place by a black belt worn as a headband, with three pins depicting shark teeth pierced into the belt. A small batch of hair on Sharkane's right is also held together into a small ponytail by a long white piece of fabric. Sharkane has partially-shaved hair on his chin and a cone-shaped scar he acquired from an unknown source; which he decided to make into a permanent tattoo as it resembled a shark's tooth.

On his chest, Sharkane wears a red sleeveless shirt with brown pockets, cream shoulder guards, and a large ring of metal that runs across his upper chest. Under this ring is a large piece of metallic armor that wraps around Sharkane's lower chest area, with an opening in the front exposing Sharkane's muscle slightly. Sharkane also wears a collar with a white lining and a red/black triangular pattern.

Sharkane wears a thin pair of black fingerless gloves that travel up to his upper arms and a pair thick maroon-colored sleeveless work gloves with red straps.

On his legs, Sharkane wears thick khaki jeans with a brown belt, two lesser belts hanging from it on the sides of the legs, and two small brown pockets suspended from the belt. Hanging from Sharkane's right pockets is a metal name tag that reads "SHARKANE" with visible teeth marks. On his feet, Sharkane wears a thick pair of pale orange and black work boots.


Sharkane originally received his name from his family, who enjoyed watching sharks in aquariums and had a home on the docks that was primarily themed around aquatic life. Sharkane's father was an avid researcher who sailed out in the ocean to examine and study a pack of sharks that lived close to the shoreline.

After moving out of his parents' home, Sharkane began working as a blacksmith who crafted weapons for a large corporation which had since gone under, leading to Sharkane relocating a second time to a cottage with an abandoned, mostly underground laboratory built directly next to it out on the shorelines of a tropical beach, with a volcano visible off in the distance past the ocean. Eventunally, he would meet Bachi, who was walking around the beach one day and stumbled on Sharkane's base. After exchanging some small talk and appealing to each other's personalities, Sharkane and Bachi developed a mutual bond and went out many times to explore the city that Bachi and his fellow troops watched over.

It was around this time that Sharkane temporarily enrolled in a fitness gym in the city to slightly boost his already strong, durable figure, which also helped in his weapon-crafting skills. Motivated by the weapons he saw the then-young Bachi and his fellow soldiers utilize, Sharkane began to craft his own hand-held power weapon, which became a large, fuel-powered, metallic black handheld flamethrower roughly six feet wide.

Around Sharkane's early 30's, he found a pair of young twins that were lost at sea for hours. Paddling in on a wooden sailboat, the two noticed Sharkane out on the shoreline working and headed towards him, docking the sailboat on the shallow waters and disembarking. The brothers introduced themselves as Grip and Gnear, and explained the troubles they experienced with their original families, asking Sharkane afterwards if they could stay with him at the cottage. Reluctant at first to the offer, Sharkane felt this would be his only chance of having something to call a family, so he allowed the two boys to stay with him and raised the two boys to the best that he could, teaching them all the tricks he knew and allowing them to co-operate with him in the workshop. In return, Sharkane crafted weapons and fireproof suits for Grip and Gnear so they could better defend themselves and tag along with Sharkane in fights.

Sharkane is also an avid cook, preparing dishes for himself, Grip, and Gnear. Sharkane prefers mostly meat-based foods, with seafood being his personal favorite. Sharkane will never turn down an offer to cook, with preparing homemade breakfast in the mornings for the twins and himself being an essential daily moment for him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Regardless of it's appearance and model type, Sharkane's flamethrowers feature adjustable power levels and is capable of several firing modes: a basic straight-facing stream of fire, a huge spread of fire, and large chunks of fire affected by gravity. By charging the flamethrower, more fire could be blown out at once, and if aimed upwards, the chunk-shot mode was capable of erupting and raining down many fireballs at once. Additionally, it has a single bayonet mounted underneath the igniter for close combat, allowing Sharkane to use the flamethrower as a melee weapon. Sharkane's experiences in the gym and self-researched knowledge on technology gave him high strength and skill at utilizing other weapons and tech.

Later on, Sharkane would craft more advanced models of the flamethrower which allowed for higher fuel complicity, a stronger nozzle that could blow out more flames without consuming as much fuel, and incorporating some heat into the bayonet to increase it's power. Currently, the flamethrower being used is the fifth model, dubbed the "Scorch Shark", which includes an extra shaft on the bottom of the weapon where a cylinder-shaped "heat battery" can be installed to provide more energy for the Sorch Shark, increasing it's longevity and power.