Rock-Aozora 2

Placement in series

Arc 2

Based on

Mega Man Classic series, preferably Mega Man 3




Aozora's Adventure Gaiden

Rock-Aozora 2 (ロックアオゾラ2) is a different take of the fifth story in the Aozora's Adventure series and is the second game to feature gameplay reminiscent of Capcom's Mega Man series.

It's story is shared with Aozora's Adventure II's, though with several differences.


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The plot of this title is the same as Aozora II's, however instead of only Masayoshi, Chinatsu, Girou, and Saniko serving as bosses prior to reaching Fayato, he now has Kazuhiko, Bachi, Sharkane, and Mignonette assisting him as well. Additionally, Aozora uses the Aozora Buster to battle and copy the Special Weapons of the bosses instead of his own melee attacks and Power-ups.


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Name Weapon Weakness
Masayoshi Soul Ember Freeze Crystal
Chinatsu Remote Anchor Shark Torch
Girou Gear Drill Pulse Wheel
Saniko Spear Whip Bullet Burst
Kazuhiko Pulse Wheel Soul Ember
Bachi Bullet Burst Remote Anchor
Sharkane Shark Torch Gear Drill
Mignonette Freeze Crystal Spear Whip