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Arc 1

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Mega Man Classic series, preferably Mega Man 2


Aozora's Adventure RPG


Aozora's Adventure II
Rock-Aozora 2

Rock-Aozora (ロックアオゾラ) is the planned fourth story in the Aozora's Adventure series and the last story of Arc 1. As a game, it is a clone of Capcom's Mega Man series intended to bring together positive elements from both official and fan-made Mega Man games into one package. It can be said to be the successor to the canceled Rock-Justin.


Two months have passed since Aozora and Satoru's vacation to France in Aozora's Adventure RPG. Settling in for another peaceful time at home with his friends and family, he is suddenly interrupted when Toshi breaks the news that a large, utopian island and it's eight distinct regions far-off in the distance has been seized by Joker, along with an army of "Masters" that he manipulated into working for him by taking charge of each of the eight regions: A laboratory buried deep with a jungle, a desert region with ruins, a palace in the sky with a cross of Roman and heavy-metal themes, a tropical temple, a Chinese village built ontop of a mountain's peak, an urban city well known for it's misty, forbidding atmosphere, a naval base with a highly advanced air force, and a large, casino-themed city filled with game centers, casinos, bars, and dance centers.

Toshi gives Aozora a special gun, dubbed the Aozora Buster, which is capable of firing shots of plasma and copying the Special Weapons of foes Aozora defeats. Toshi also outfits Aozora with a special teleportation device that allows Aozora to quickly travel from one region to the next. With these, Aozora teleports off to fight the eight Masters: Genroy, Fakhriya, Matthias, Shinobu, Tàiyáng, Orochi, Kento, and Keanu.


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Name Weapon Weakness
Genroy Ooze Grappler Toxin Sludge
Fakhriya Sandstorm Ripple Gambler's Cards
Matthias Rocker's Beam Sandstorm Ripple
Shinobu Hunter Needle Ooze Grappler
Tàiyáng Sunset Blade Warfare Sniper
Orochi Toxin Sludge Rocker's Beam
Kento Warfare Sniper Hunter Needle
Keanu Gambler's Cards Sunset Blade