Power-Ups are a series of objects in the Aozora's Adventure series. By coming into contact with one, a person's appearance becomes altered, such as changing the user's color scheme or current outfit. Additionally, they are granted special powers/abilities from the power-up. Few power-ups are considered "upgraded" over others, providing more power or utility over the power that precedes it. However a user that absorbs a Power-Up, even if it's considered the "stronger" of two Power-Ups with similar abilities, cannot reach or surpass the full extreme power of someone who can use the powers naturally and never lose them (such as the Fire or Burning form compared to Rodrigo, or Ice and Freezing compared to Aberthol).

Most power-ups resemble small glass orbs with a visual icon showing which power it contains in the center. When someone touches the power-up, the power-up begins to release energy which absorbs into the user, powering them up. After the power-up's effects are absorbed, the orb evaporates into thin air. Some power-ups are contained within other objects- which function identically to the orbs and can either evaporate, explode, or drop dead after someone absorbs their powers. Power-ups are inedible, and directly eating/swallowing one would lead to negative side effects on the user's body.

Once powered-up, all power-ups can be expelled by the user at will, and no more than one power may be used at a time. If more than one is taken in at a time, the currently in effect power will be forced out of the user's body as the user transforms into the newely-acquired form (unless it is a downgrade, from which it is simply overwritten by the effects of the superior power when absorbed). If the user becomes severely damaged in combat, the Power-Up has a high chance of being knocked out of the user's body, forcing them back to their original state. Power-Ups can be held within one's body for roughly 24 hours. The longer a Power-Up remains inside one person, the easier it will be to knock it out of someone's body.

if the user already has a power of some kind by default and absorbs a Power-Up, they can use the effects of their natural power and the Power-Up's abilities simultaneously, though the Power-Up's added benefits are weaker.

Currently, the only people that have been shown using Power-Up's include Aozora, Satoru, Zik, Tàiyáng, Fakhriya, Shinobu, Matthias, and Kento, though it is speculated that virtually anyone can use them. Currently, the origins of Power-Ups are unknown.

List of known Power-UpsEdit

Below is a listing of all the power-ups known in the universe as of Arc 3.

  • Fire: The user gets a red/white colorization and gains pyrokinesis, being able to control, produce, and manipulate flames from any part of their body. The user also takes reduced damage from fire-based attacks, and the fires generated from the user are immune to water.
    • Burning: In addition to the above benefits, the user becomes engulfed in flames and molten magma (the body becoming dark red with bright outlines), becoming completely immune to fire and having far greater power with his/her attacks. However, if the user gets doused in water, they revert to the Fire form.
  • Ice: The user gets a sky blue/white colorization and gains cryokinesis, being able to control, produce, and manipulate ice from any part of their body. The user takes reduced damage from ice-based attacks and the ice created by the user cannot melt with exposure to fire or heat.
    • Freezing: In addition, the user becomes a living ice person, becoming immune to ice and having superior strength with his/her attacks. Touching any surface of water will instantly freeze it, while coming into direct contact with excess amounts of fire will revert the user to the Ice form.
  • Raccoon: The user gains the ears (aesthetic; they're not actual ears) and bushy tail of a raccoon. Enables limited flight after a running start and slowed ascent by repeatedly wagging the tail in mid-air. The tail can also be used in melee attacks. Certain people will instead get the ears and tail of a fox.
    • Tanooki: The user gets placed into a suit resembling a Tanooki; enabling them to become a statue to resist attacks and slam on the ground if done in mid-air. Like with the Raccoon form, certain people will instead become a kitsune.
  • Propeller: The user gets outfitted into a specially-designed suit with a propeller-helmet. At will, the user can spin in mid-air to thrust themselves upwards and later lower their descent speed.
    • Copter: The user gets a more advanced yellow/purple outfit with an even bigger propeller. After spinning, the user gets limited free-flight for several seconds before being forced to descend.
  • Cape: The user gets a cape on their neck, enabling them to make massive jumps after a running start, then grab onto the cape for airborne movement. Unlike the Raccoon and Propeller forms, this form has no limit as to how long someone may remain in mid-air, allowing the wearer to cover greater distance.
  • Mini: The user shrinks to half their normal size. They cannot return to normal unless they expel or overwrite the power.
  • Frog: The user's eyes and mouth grow longer/wider respectively, and they gain a skintight green/black leather outfit with frog-snapped fins on their feet. The user can fire a long, frog-like tongue from their mouth, and swim in water at an increased speed
  • Hammer: The user's outfit becomes black/orange or black/green, and a black helmet with orange or green lining appears on his/her head. The user can use and throw an endless supply of small hammers to whack targets with, or use a large hammer for melee purposes.
  • Penguin: The user gets placed into a suit resembling a penguin's, wearing a scarf and yellow flippers with brown sandals with spikes on the bottom. Like with the "Ice" form, Penguin grants the user cryokinesis, as well as increased mobility in snow and ice. Anyone in Penguin form can also slide on ice on their stomach using the suit.
  • Spring: A metal spring wraps itself around the user and makes them slightly more flexible and rubbery, in addition to replacing their lower arms and legs with springs. This enables them to reach great heights with charged jumps and cover lots of distance thanks to spring-loaded punches.
  • Boulder: The user's clothing becomes bulky and made of solid rocks. At will, the user can produce large stones to conceal the user into a giant boulder (with their heads and hands peeking out). As a boulder, they can steamroll into anything with great force, as the boulder is near-indestructible. Anyone in a boulder must self/destruct the boulder in order to leave it.
  • Venom: While normally harming any user that attempts to take on the form (leaving them with poison in their body), anyone that carries a special amulet while touching this powerup will instead be turned into this form, where the user becomes a living mass of purple toxins with white angry eyes and a jagged white mouth, able to shape itself at will and fire globs of poison at targets. If it loses any part of the purple substance, it can simply generate more, and the user will always return to normal size when they expel this power. The user also becomes immune to any form of poison while in this form, as it is simply absorbed into the user's slimy body.
  • Ninja: The user becomes a literal ninja; their current outfit transforming into Japanese-esque ninja-themed gear. With this form, the user gains greater agility and mobility, along with a near-endless supply of ninja-themed weaponry including a katana, shuriken and sai.
  • Bomb: The user gains an appearance resembling a construction worker's outfit. With this power, the user can throw classic cartoon-styled bombs of various sizes, and even use land mines and sticky bombs. The user can also fire off explosions from their hands and feet.
  • Volt: The user gets a yellow/white colorization and gains electrokinesis, allowing them to freely generate and fire electricity from their body at targets.
  • Rollerblade: The user dons an outfit reminiscent of a roller skater's outfit. The roller-skates are motor-powered, allowing the user to reach very high top speeds. The rollerblades can also sprout "wings" made of fire from the exhaust pipes of the skates to literally "ride the wind" at a fixed elevation for a short period of time, granted the user is moving fast enough before firing off the wings.
  • Ranger: The user dons a literal ranger/explorer's outfit and can effortlessly throw boomerangs at high speeds and distances. If a boomerang is lost, it instantly re-generates in the user's hands.
  • Storm: The user acquires an outfit resembling a red revolutionary war uniform (with no hat) as well as dark indigo hair. The user gains a particular kind of aerokinesis that enables them to fling tornados that surf across the ground, picking up any enemy and forcibly flipping them over onto their heads; the power of the tornado continuously spinning them in place for a brief moment. From there, the user can jump onto the spinning foe and ride them across any surface or bowl themselves into other targets. They can also spawn tornados below them to ride it and gain more vertical boosts form jumps.
  • Aqua; The user gets a blue/white colorization along with having some parts of their clothing discarded and changed into swimwear (such as men losing their shirts and their leg-wear morphing into swimming jammers) and gains hydroknesis, being able to control, produce, and manipulate water and other similar liquids from any part of their body. Anyone in this form takes reduced or no damage from water-based attacks, and the water generated does not evaporate away as quickly when exposed to heat.
  • Earth; The user becomes a brown/white colorization and gains terraknesis, allowing them to manipulate the earth's surface to their own will, including sand, dirt, and solid rock. Unlike the other elemental forms; they cannot produce the substance they can manipulate.
  • Jet: The user gains a slightly more futuristic version of their current outfit (with a black visor or sunglasses on their heads) and has a large jetpack strapped to their backs at all times, complete with plane-esque wings. They can fly freely in mid-air for a short period of time or charge up on the ground to launch themselves at full speed, sometimes stopping short and using the wind current they built up to thrust away enemies they stop directly in front of.
  • Bull: The user becomes entirely shirtless (females keep wearing a part of their outfit that covers their breasts) and their current pants/shorts/other legwear and footwear become red in color. They also grow a bushy black or brown afro with bull horns protruding from the sides of it. In this form, the user gains much stronger physical strength, with slightly bigger muscle mass and increased mobility.
  • Leaf: The user becomes green/white in color and gains the power of plant generation and manipulation, able to use vines as whips and leaves as blades amongst other plant-themed abilities.
  • Snow: The user dresses into a white outfit loosely resembling an ice cream chef's outfit with a large snowflake and soft-serve-esque helmet on-top. The user gains the ability to produce and breathe snow onto targets and forcing them into snowballs for use in attacks. The user can also summon mild snowstorms in a given area. As with the Ice form, fire is unable to affect the snow created by the user.
  • Metal: The user gets dressed into a heavy-metal rocker outfit and gains the ability to solidify parts of their body into hard metal, increasing their defenses and attack power (including forming additional weapons from their body using the metal) alongside throwing metallic saw blades and other projectiles made out of solidified thin air.
  • Fortress: The user gets clad in bulky armor resembling a light grey rook chess piece with a helmet resembling the top of a castle and a rectangular hole to show the eyes of the user. On all sides of the user around their chest area are eight cannon holes that open up and allow the user to fire cannonballs in eight different directions, the cannonballs becoming normal-sized upon being shot. The user can charge up for even bigger cannonballs that travel faster and detonate upon impact.
  • Wing: The user becomes dressed in a white bodysuit with a helmet containing a blue visor, and they have a pair of wings with white, red and green-colored feathers. This enables limited flight in mid air by repeatedly flapping the user's wings; they can also attack with the wings.
  • Sword: The user gains a green medieval-styled outfit with a sword, and can instantly use several powerful techniques that would normally take effort to master.
  • Drill: The user acquires a red/blue/brown outfit that differs between users and genders and resembles something that would be found in a dystopian future. The user gains the ability to summon large motor-powered drills with a red orange-colored base that fits inside their arms and charge forwards while spinning the drill, as well as detach the drill from it's base to propel it forwards. The drill's base will instantly craft a new drill after fire.
  • Needle: The user dons a yellow-orange color scheme and gains an orange helmet with a short yellow visor and with yellow spikes shooting out of the helmet's surface. This allows the user to shoot spikes out of any part of their body (including detaching them to have them serve as projectiles), as well as tuck into a ball and rev up to charge forwards.
  • Feminine: The user's gender is reversed and their current outfit alters to reflect the gender swap, along with coloring their outfit various shades of neon pink, cream, and yellow. The user can blow kisses to targets to make them instantly fall in love, followed by turning them to stone for an easy victory.
  • Diamond: The user gains a black jumpsuit with white armor with gemstones embedded into the armor, and a headpiece resembling an upside-down diamond. The user can encase themselves in a near-unbreakable diamond coating (though it's power is limited and it will wear down a user if used too much) and fling gemstones at targets.
  • Wild: The user is equipped with three long blades attached to the top of each of the user's hands via a blue fingerless glove, along with a blue/yellow coloration to their outfit and longer, almost perfectly sharp hair. This grants the user amazing agility and power.
  • Knight: The user gains bulky grey-colored knight's armor complete with a shield and a javelin. The javelin can be charged up by the user ducking with their shield drawn out, followed by a big thrust forwards or upwards.
  • Magic: The user becomes clad in a magician's outfit complete with a top hat or a bunny outfit depending on their gender, and gains an endless stack of magical playing cards to use as projectiles. These cards are flung forwards at incredible speed.
  • Saint: The user dons a white jumpsuit with metallic, colorful armor built around the user's body, in addition to gaining a specially-crafted headband. It allows the user to throw incredibly powerful punches and kicks (including multiple times in rapid succession using hard light), as well as fly short distances.
  • Kabuki: The user wears an outfit resembling an ancient Japanese kabuki performer's and wields a wooden rod that can be used to summon up to eight small "Oni" that follow and act alongside the user.
  • Guts: Ontop of applying a red/black color scheme to their outfit, shrinking the user's irises and applying eye shadow to their eyes, the user's muscles swell up to an immense size and their arms and legs are coated in hard red latex to further increase their strength. However, the increase in muscle mass will usually force the user's shirt to tear off (completely if a male user- females' shirts only tear off below the breastbone). With this power, the user can punch and kick with incredible force, sometimes solidifying gusts of wind to improve the range of attack as well as improved running and jumping abilities due to increased leg muscles. If used excessively, the user's arms and legs will begin to emit smoke. Because of it's immense power, it is considered an extremely dangerous Power-Up to use effectively.
  • Poison: A weaker form of Venom, the user gets a purple/white colorization and gains toxikinesis, being able to control, produce, and manipulate poison from any part of their body. Unlike Venom, Poison only gives a resistance- not an immunity- to poison and poison-based attacks.
  • Titanium: The user becomes encased in metal armor, with parts of the armor being colored blue on the user's left and red on their right. In this form, the user gains the control of magnetic forces, enabling them to easily attract and repel anything metallic using their dominant and non-dominant hands respectively. The user can also use this ability to cling to metallic walls, and fire homing chunks of scrap metal.
  • Missile: The user is dressed into a white stuntman outfit complete with a rounded helmet with a long red stripe running down the middle and a teal visor, red gloves and boots, and a white cape. In this form, the user can enclose themselves in a missile and travel in the sky at fast speeds, leaving behind a small explosion when they rocket off. Once the user desires to return to normal, the missile shell explodes to reveal the user inside, dealing big damage to anything nearby.
  • Voodoo: The user is stripped of their clothing and becomes wrapped in bandages and damaged cloth adorned with nails and pins, exposing only their left eye. The user carries with them a "Universal Voodoo Doll" along with a large pin with the purpose of inflicting body damage to targets by stabbing the doll with the pin, transferring injuries done to it directly onto an enemy's body. The user can also allow hold the doll forwards to catch projectiles, damaging the foe that launched it. If the doll is lost, the user returns to normal.
  • Arcanist: This form colors the user into a black/magenta color (as opposed to a colored/white) and gives them psychic powers, allowing them to manipulate forces with their mind, weaponize strong waves and pulses of physic powers from their body, and distort fields of space a short distance away from them. Additionally, they gain the ability to levitate and read someone's mind. When in this form, the user's eyes turn completely black while the pupil glows a constant bright pink. When attacking, the user's body emits a rune circle either behind their head or in front of their body/limbs. Because of the severe power increase to the user's mind, the user's body becomes slightly weaker, returning to normal if the user expels the power.
  • Ghoul: The user's outfit becomes a jet black/ivory white color while their eyes morph into straight vertical black lines and their tongue grows disturbingly longer to the point where the tongue is always hanging from the user's constantly gaping mouth. In this form, the user's upper muscles weaken slightly while their bones become semi-hollow, allowing the user to bend and twist their limbs much more than a standard human. In this form, the user gains a "sixth sense" and is able to summon ghosts, spirits, and spiritual energy from the spirit world to attack, as well as create horrifying illusions and (with enough power) reanimate the dead. With the big potential and strengths of this form, it has become exceedingly rare.
  • Hornet: A form that encases the user in a metallic yellow and purple hornet-themed armor, complete with wings which the user can use to fly. The armor includes a large handheld cannon that can continuously manufacture and fire large tracking metal hornets at targets.
  • Motor: The user's chest area morphs into the body of a simplistic compact red motorcycle (with a giant wheel on their back) while the remainder of their outfit is morphed into black and red biker gear. By grappling and twisting the left handle, a second wheel pops out from the front of the motorcycle while the wheel on the user's back slides down and locks into place, allowing the user to enter a sports bike position and drive themselves at breakneck speeds.
  • SpringBoxer: An evolved version of the Spring powerup, this form gives the user neon-colored protective gear and morphs their arms into spring coils with large metallic boxing gloves at their ends. The user can throw high-speed and high-powered punches from afar, as well as grapple onto and reel in enemies for close-quarters combat. This form also lowers the user's weight- allowing them to jump much higher like with the original Spring form.
  • Gold: The user is dressed into a expansive, flashy golden and magenta pimp outfit (some users becoming silver and blue or bronze and green) with sunglasses and gains the ability to shoot yellow plasma projectiles that form any objects they touch into pure gold, alongside being able to manipulate the size and shape of gold, liquifying or solidifying it into whatever the user desires, including armor on the user's body. If the power is discarded while manipulating gold, the gold will simply drop to the floor and/or melt away. Because of the extreme wealth this form could bestow, it is extremely rare- arguably the rarest Power-Up known to exist.


  • By default, "Power-ups" are based on a combination of Super Mario's power-ups and Kirby's Copy Abilities. Some forms are also based on particular Devil Fruits from the One Piece series while others take inspiration from Mega Man's Special Weapons and Fairy Tail's Magic.
  • Specific forms, on the other hand, directly mimic the general powers of another series outside Aozora's Adventure. Due to this, some of these powers may be renamed or retooled slightly to deviate away from full copying in the future.
    • The outfits provided in Ninja form are styled after the Naruto series.
    • Saint clads the user in armor styled after a Bronze Saint from Saint Seiya, along with granting powers similar to what a Bronze Saint is capable of.
    • Guts' appearance resembles a much weaker version of Monkey D. Luffy's Gear Fourth form One Piece.
    • SpringBoxer gives the user the general abilities of a character from Arms.