Name Morgaous
Designer innovator123
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 5ft, 8in

Morgaous (モルガン, Morugan) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Morgaous is the fourth of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Envy.

Morgaous is the team's key programer, responsible for keeping the team's technology updated and the general software of the mechs piloted by the Prism Robots, including his own, updated and running smoothly. Because of his blatant egotism and desire to be the best of the seven (including spreading claims that he's the leader of the team, much to Vauxen's frustration), he is rather tricky to work with, as he likes sucking up all the fame and acknowledgement he can- to the expense at contributing to working on the mechs and other machinery used by the Prism Robots. This has led to Slourstro trying to learn some of Morgaous' coding skills so he can work on configuring the Prism Robots' tech in his place.

Morgaous' prime hobby is being a comedian, running a channel on a video-hosting site which he created not long after being awakened and telling jokes, giving one-liners, and engaging in slapstick, traits that leaked into reality with his interactions with allies and enemies. Even with the traditional warped, robotic, and distorted voice of the Prism Robots, Morgaous has learned to overcome it for the most part, giving him what may be the cleanest-sounding voice of the Robots.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Morgaous is noticeably fast and nimble, with his lightweight armor, a jet booster installed on his back, and the pair of additional green jet boosters installed within his feet allowing him to move extremely quickly on the ground and in the air. On his right arm is a large, sharp blade crafted from an indestructible emerald-green alien crystal- the same kind present across his whole body. Each of his legs also house three of these alien crystals, one formed into a small spike on his knees, and two which act as stilts for Morgaous to stand and kick with, with the jet boosters positioned just in-between them. The two sets of stilt crystals have gravity mechanisms inside which give Morgaous a clean and proper walk on any surface and help stabilize his legs during flight.

Perhaps Morgaous' most noteworthy ability is the mini-computer housed in his brain and upper body which can cast green holographic touch screens in front of him. The crystals that make up the ends of Morgaous' fingers can interact with the screens, enabling a variety of functions such as hacking and manipulating nearly any technology not controlled by advanced artificial intelligence and most importantly, assume control over his personal weapons:

When outside the Prism Robot headquarters, Morgaous brings with him two large green-colored pillar-shaped arms adorned with claws (the ends made out of sharp alien crystals), a laser cannon, missiles, and spinning jet engines of their own that project small holographic blocks of code. By default, these drift behind Morgaous in a horizontal position, facing their backs towards one another and twisting- the left pillar rotating clockwise and the right pillar rotating counter-clockwise. By accessing the mini-computer and inputing an "Engage" command, the arms activate and split apart, hovering down beside Morgaous and assisting him in combat. The pillar-arms have several modes of operation:

  • Automatic: The arms act on their own accord, punching, grappling, and blasting away while Morgaous focuses on close range combat. The arms cannot travel too far from Morgaous, or else they will lose signal and become inactive.
  • Manual: Morgaous remains stationary while two holographic control panels are projected in front of him, one on each hand. By making movements with his hands, he can control the arms' movement and weapons.
  • Boxer: A more aggressive close-range combat mode. The arms close their claws and surround Morgaous while firing up their jet engines for faster movement, perfectly replicating their user's hand positions. If Morgaous punches, the appropriate arm will launch itself forwards while charging up its laser blaster, releasing a small explosion on impact for extra damage before returning to Morgaous.

On Morgaous' back beside the jet booster are six small diamond-shaped drones which can be launched off- acting on their own accord or in unison with one another, spinning and charging into enemies or launching small lasers from their miniature laser cannons to pick targets off from a distance. Like the large arms, these drones can optionally be controlled by Morgaous' computer and can be activated and recalled at any time. When inactive, the drones charge by drawing power from Morgaous' main body until they're ready for use again.

Morgaous' mech, the Commander, resembles a humanoid figure from the waist up and features large, detachable hands. It has high-pressure jet engines installed into the base of the robot below its chest with several smaller jet engines used to keep control and balance for a smooth flight. Similar to Morgaous, the mech can launch several drones of its own to fight and likewise shares Morgaous' ability to take over and control machinery using it's arms. The Commander's arms come packed with the traditional laser cannons and missile launchers, amped up from Morgaous' arm's own supplies with greater density and destruction power. The mech's chest houses an extremely powerful laser cannon of its own, firing a constant beam of energy and laying waste to anything that gets caught in it. However, as it requires a large amount of power to use, it is saved and used exclusively for last resort uses.