Name Michitarō
Designer d13mon-studios
Gender Male
Age 21 (Arc 3)
24 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft

Michitarō (みち太郎) is a character in Aozora's Adventure.


Michitarō is a young adult that lives inside an underground city built around ancient Japanese architecture and folklore with small modern and urban influences. Because of it's location being sealed completely away from the sun on the surface, the city uses magical crystals as a light an energy source. Michitarō is one of the residents of the city that leaves regularly through an underground railway system that leads to the surface.

Michitarō himself is confident, supportive, and likes what he does, but he can also be snarky and mischievous at his worst. If locked into a competition he'll opt to play fair and give it all he's got without relying on excess use of cheap shots/tricks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Michitarō fights using techniques learned from both samurai and ninja, wielding a small, chipped off katana and a necklace adorned with a mythical magatama worn across his neck that manifests a strange, blue-violet-colored energy. With this energy, Michitarō can travel at an extreme speed in only short bursts; leaving splitting images of him behind as he moves. He can also move rapidly in place to create shadowy clones of himself, up to three at once. When moving fast, the dark energy engulfs Michitarō's body, allowing him to stop and change direction on a dime, while giving him slightly better defenses. However, Michitarō can tire himself out if the abilities of the magatama are used excessively.