Name Matsuno
Designer SuperJustinBros, Randommode
Gender Female
Age 44 (Arc 3)
47 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 11in

Matsuno (松野) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Matsuno is Satoru's hardworking, strict, grouchy and tomboyish mother who gave birth to Satoru at the age of 22 along with her American husband Stanford, who moved to Japan to do work for a business and eventually met and married Matsuno. While Stanford later returned to America to pursue another career, Matsuno stayed and cared for her son, leading to Satoru inheriting small amounts of her personality but also causing him to develop a more cautious side from constant discipline. Today, Satoru and Matsuno still live together in the same house for over 20 years, though Matsuno has begun to spend much more of her time outside the house as of lately since Satoru is now able to care for himself.

Matsuno has poor socialization skills due to many people being set off by her intimidating presence and tendency to raise her voice and swear when upset or startled. Her tolerance levels are low, causing her to hit breaking point very easily and threaten anyone that dares come across and get on her or Satoru's bad side with direct violence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Matsuno is very agile and flexible and has a small amount of muscle from attending many yoga and boxing clubs (especially unisex groups) in the area. Matsuno is also a very good cook and keeps her signature cooking supplies with her at all times, which she also uses in combat when allowed. Matsuno is also a very wild driver when behind the wheel, and has a small affection for canned beer.



  • Parts of Matsuno's appearance and characterization, ontop of being built off of Satoru's, are loosely based on Mashiro Mizuki from Tribe Cool Crew and to a lesser extent Lisa from Ponyo. The two bangs of hair sticking diagonally out of her cap (and to a lesser extent the hat she wears) is loosely based on Amitie's hairstyle from the Puyo Puyo series.