Name Masayoshi
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 23 (Arc 2)
25 (Arc 3)
28 (Arc 4)
Nationality Hispanic-Japanese
Height 6ft, 0.5in

Masayoshi (まさよし) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Masayoshi sports tan skin, jet-black hair (with several strands grown over his left eye), a khaki muscle shirt with a red construction banner pattern in the center, a heavy light grey jacket with six black belts wrapped around it, thick double-layered brown pants, and black leather boots. Both of his eyes consist of only a pupil and no iris, with heavy eye shadow. If one looks closely; the eyes appear to be grey.


In the present, Masayoshi is a rude, cocky, and arrogant young adult who is very quick to anger and believes most problems can only be solved by fighting. He overreacts to scenarios as seriously as possible and has a habit of acting out situations dramatically if provoked. If defeated in combat, it is very likely Masayoshi will develop a grudge against anyone he is beaten by, always determined to have the last stand. Finally, Masayoshi is notable for smiling rather evilly when he has- or believes he has the upper hand, when picking or engaging fights, and executing his most powerful attacks.

When he was younger, Masayoshi was more calm and had developed an interest in dancing and singing, a passion he kept with himself through his life. In his high school years, Masayoshi would meet and soon develop a romantic relationship with a girl named Aikae, whom also enjoyed dancing.

However, a birth defect that Aikae had that only she and her parents knew caused her to become deathly ill and fall into a deep coma during a dance party. She was rushed to the hospital, with Masayoshi there to keep her company, sobbing relentlessly that evening. Once she was hospitalized, she woke up briefly in the hospital bed to try and communicate and share eyesight with Masayoshi, only being able to utter small noises before the signal went blank. Unable to do anything else, Masayoshi's tears intensified as he cried over Aikae's body, unable to stop.

Several days later, Aikae's family held a funeral for her, which Masayoshi attended with a huge bouquet of flowers in tow. He stayed long after the funeral's conclusion to witness the sun falling. The sky was mysteriously turning red, with a huge downpour erupting. Masayoshi had fallen asleep in the rain, tired and out of energy from staring at Aikae's tombstone. The strange rainstorm caused Aikae's fiery spirit to rise and partially absorb itself into Masayoshi's body, granting him the pyrokinesis and flight abilities he has kept since.

Years later after leaving his home, depressed and lonely over the loss of his girlfriend and having his own personality worsen over time, Masayoshi was found by Saniko during her travels, who offered Masayoshi to stay with her in her personal hideout deep within the oriental woods, which Masayoshi agreed to. As their bond grew closer over several months, Saniko gifted Masayoshi an onyx-colored sword known as the "Black Raven" for him to use in battle, though Masayoshi frequently opted to fight without the usage of the Black Raven, eventually retiring it years later and having it mounted on the wall in Saniko's hideout as a memory.

At the age of 23, Masayoshi engaged in a long, heated battle against Aozora, which ended in a humiliating defeat despite Masayoshi's mystic powers. This resulted in a forced escort out of the arena by Saniko as well as starting Masayoshi's largest and most present grudge yet; one that had changed him mentally through absolute desperation to best Aozora in strength. This resulted in Masayoshi enrolling himself in self-training solo and with Saniko to learn stronger techniques, with some considerable success as years passed.

By the time Masayoshi turned 26, Saniko throwing out the idea they should get into a relationship with each other since they've been together for so long and likely wouldn't have a shot with anyone else. While Masayoshi's love for Aikae could never be matched, he took in Saniko's offer and the two declared each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Throughout all this, the man's passion for dancing was at an all time high, with Masayoshi entering several musical and dancing tournaments across the land to make a name for himself, using his fiery powers and ability to levitate to wow the audience and the competition. He was also offered a chance to perform in some music videos for different studios, which he took in with pride and soon found himself turning into a hit, with a debut audio CD in production.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In combat, Masayoshi specializes in pyrokinesis with reddish-gray flames, throwing embers from his hands, enclosing himself in a cylinder of fire to ward off enemies and their attacks. Masayoshi can also levitate and fly at quick speeds and use it to his advantage. Years later, Masayoshi gained the ability to sprout harsh but brief fires from the ground and enclose opponents inside his fire cylinders- trapping them.

Rarely, Masayoshi welds a long thin sword known as the "Black Raven" which in a quick flash, can slice apart any other bladed weapon(s), weakening or rendering them useless.



  • Masayoshi's design was based on Matthew Patel, one of the main antagonists of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim (and its corresponding film adaptation, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).
  • Masayoshi, to a lesser extent, shares traits with Matahachi, a character from the 2009 Japanese film Goemon- Matahachi's sword was the basis for Masayoshi's Black Raven.

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