Name Mara
Designer SuperJustinBros (design)
son-of-orochi (name)
Gender Female
Age 18 (Arc 1)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 2in

Mara (マーラ Māra) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series. She is part of the Darkness side story.


She has messy green hair and identically-colored eyes, a green tail, a dark green bra that is torn on the left side (thus it is sewed tightly to a violet-colored towel), bright green undies, a pair of one-sided cyan jeans (the other side being ripped off for unknown reasons) a tight black leather stocking on her right leg, and a pair of purple high heels. On her left arm, she has a bandage wrapped around it, and on her left hand, she has four fabric bands covering each of her fingers, excluding the thumb. On the tail is a smaller but thicker bandage, and near the tip, are two non-fragile rings. One gold, and the other diamond. There is an outer shell on her tail that is light steel.


Mara is a young succubus.

Powers sand AbilitiesEdit

To attack, she uses a large violet-colored gauntlet with green nails, which strangely has a lot of power, and can tear through even the strongest materials. The tail also acts as a bladed weapon, which Mara uses to her advantage, alongside strangling and suffocating enemies with it.

Mara's slim appearance gives her a very high mobility status, which at fast speeds, can make both her gauntlet and tail-blade more effective in combat.