Name Malila
Designer FBende
Gender Female
Age 31 (Arc 3)
34 (Arc 4)
Nationality Australian
Height 6ft, 1in

Malila (マルラ, Marura) is a character in Aozora's Adventure.


Malila is an Australian woman that lives in a treehouse built on several thick maple trees deep within a forest in a remote unknown location in Japan. For several generations, her family has excelled in the hobby of brewing top-class soups using natural ingredients, with Malila being the fifth in the family's line. Aiming to make the best soup she can, Malila spends day after day acquiring fresh ingredients and carefully preparing her stations beforehand.

Malila has a great amount of energy and dexterity and enjoys her hobby as a chef, taking great pride into her recipes and having consistent determination to complete each and every soup. On the other hand, Malila is very independent and dislikes being provoked while she is in the middle of productivity, as she claims to require absolute focus on her recipes so they can reach the level of perfection that she desires.

Malila's soups usually have a reputation of being infamously hot due to her being somewhat careless when controlling the temperatures of the stoves used to cock the soup, in rare cases even causing the mouths of whoever ingests one of her soups to catch aflame when eaten fresh out of the oven. When cooking for competitions, Malia usually allows her soups to sit out longer than the soups of her competition to avoid unintentional burns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When in battle, Malila always cooks up the hottest and spiciest soups she can beforehand and spends the fight holding a large pot of steaming hot red, brown, or green soup alongside a small assortment of other cooking utensils. She can fling the contents of the pot at her opponents in small amounts to burn them from afar, or grab and force-feed them a spoonful of the soup up close, causing their mouth to erupt into flames as they violently try to extract the spicy soup.



  • Malila's appearance is based around the concept of a gender-swapped Gogotte from the Puyo Puyo series, including sporting a similar color palette and design elements.