Designer CotyP
Gender Female
Age Built to be 28
Nationality Japanese
Height 7ft, 3in

M-15 WARWOMAN (モデル15 ウォーウーマン Moderu 15 U~ōūman), shortened to M-15, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-15 is the fifth of the WARMAN models produced in the second generation of WARMEN and the fifteenth overall. She was built as a power-build model, being able to both deal and take strong hits.

M-15's personality was developed to follow the "tough girl" mold, being a woman that prefers engaging in masculine activities and pastimes. Being determined to show her durability and confidence, M-15 refuses to have parts of her robotic armor repaired of scratches, dents, and bullet holes, unless they would prevent a part of her body from functioning normally under any circumstances. A brutal blow to M-15's head during a battle in her first month on the job caused her view system to become corrupted, displaying her eyes with no pupil or iris. She also refuses to get her eyes fully repaired, only partially so she can still have perfect vision despite the glitched, blank display of her eyes.

M-15's favorite passtime is wrestling, with an assortment of excessive gear and a large wrestling mat placed in her chamber where she convinces the other models- both the WARMEN and WARWOMEN, to spar with her. While most of the models accept her offer, especially M-08 M-10, M-11, and M-13, she is outright rejected by M-09, M-12 and M-16. She deems M-14 as a personal rival due to her strength being on par with M-15's and losing many wrestling matches against her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In combat, M-15 boasts a strong selection of heavy weapons while having decent speed. She also specializes in hand-to-hand combat, using wrestling techniques combined with her extreme strength to take down big opponents.