Name M-03 WARMAN
Designer ViciousSHADi
Gender Male
Age Built to be 31
Nationality Japanese
Height 7ft, 2in

M-03 WARMAN (モデル03 ウォーマン, Moderu 03 U~ōman), shortened to M-03, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-03 is the third of the WARMEN models and was built with slightly less bulk than his brothers M-01 WARMAN and M-02 WARMAN to allow for faster movement. His arsenal consists of some of the strongest weaponry the WARMEN armor themselves up with, on par with M-01 and M-02's.

M-03 is an independent loner, spending most of his time hunched up inside his chamber investigating his personal supply of weaponry and his collection of small collectables he keeps on the shelf beside his bed, alongside styling his long blue hair to maintain it's shape. In his free time, he paces around and outside the laboratory he lives in to observe the scientists and other workers performing experiments and studies. Rarely will M-03 engage in physical conversations with the workers due to his personality, though he doesn't mind doing so if given the opportunity. Regardless of his negative and downbeat personality, M-03 remains confident with himself and always puts in his best efforts during combat to make his creators and the other models proud.

Another of M-03's hobbies is billiards, with a full size billiard table with a fluorescent blue surface present inside his chamber which he plays with some of the other models, most notably M-05 WARMAN, M-08 WARMAN, and M-10 WARMAN. He also enjoys test-firing weapons outside headquarters, primarily with M-10.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a fighter, M-03 has decent speed and defenses while wielding weapons with respectable power and attempting to make his moves on the enemy strategically. Fitting his independent personality, M-03 prefers taking on and picking off targets he is evenly matched with alone so he can stay focused, only calling in backup if he's overwhelmed or his weapons aren't powerful enough for the job. M-03's tools of choice are firearms that work best for ranged combat, favoring sniper rifles and archery sets, opting instead to use other weapons if the situation calls for him to fight closer to the enemy.