Name Leonore
Designer ViciousSHADi
Gender Male
Age 44 (Arc 3)
47 (Arc 4)
Nationality British
Height 6ft, 2in

Leonore (レオノア, Reonoa) is a major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Leonore began his life in a religious family that had ties with loyalty and was considered to take the role of monarch in his future thanks to his quickly expanding wisdom and knowledge- learning a wide variety of magical spells in his early years. Growing up, Leonore became a highly recognizable and benign figure looked up to and respected by many and had a bright future within his grasp, with his pleasant smiles being a well-remembered expression of his.

However, as Leonore's early life went on, he started to be taken under control by a force known only as "Black Blood" which had chosen him as a host- a force that steadily cursed the blood within and was said to be capable of turning any human being into a evil force of destruction if it manages to fully take control of all the blood in the user's body. For most of the rest of his life, while keeping the presence of a curse within him a secret, Leonore tried to find a way he could cure himself from the curse- but by the time he eventually could find one, it was too late to reverse, as the Black Blood had already engulfed 62% of Leonore's body.

Knowing his life would take a turn for the worse soon, Leonore spent every last moment of his time with a small group of friends from childhood in a huge kingdom-like city which spanned several acres of land and rich with different landmarks and a huge castle in the city's heart, which was where the King and the other higher ups of the land resided. Leonore's reputation was still going strong, as many people- oblivious to what was happening with him, gave him mass respect and focus. Tourists form other lands had acquired autographs and photographs of Leonore (the latter with his group of friends joining in some cases) while memories of him and his friends were planted into the minds of the many shopkeepers, facility operators, and royal guards. Eventually forced to see a clinic, doctors examined Leonore's body and concluded that Leonore was slowly succumbing to the effects of the Black Blood- which would eventually take full effect and change his life forever. On the bright side, the doctors were able to cast spells onto Leonore to hold off the effects of the Black Blood temporarily and slow it's steadily corruption of his body.

Knowing what was happening to him and that his time would soon be up once the Black Blood broke through and took effect, Leonore's chances of royalty were demolished, causing Leonore to enter a state of depression. Even with his friends remaining loyal to him and staying by his side no matter what, Leonore had tough times trying to stay positive. He started venturing out of town to a small ledge overlooking the sunset every afternoon, away from the kingdom city he had grown accustomed to. His friends joined in an attempt to keep him company and cheer him up. Being with the only people that truly cared for him and remembering all the fun they had in the past caused Leonore to shed tears of joy.

Then, it happened. Months later the magic that was cast to hold off the Black Blood was finally broken through, and Leonore's odd behaviors returned while his depression seemed to disappear suddenly. By this point, only a small amount of normal blood was left, and Leonore knew that in no time he would transform into a totally different being. On one afternoon with the blood conversion being at a critical 98%, Leonore and his companions had one final visit on the balcony on the side of town where they had frequented, which was otherwise vacant in the afternoon. The group of friends said their goodbyes to Leonore and snapped a couple final pictures of his last moments, with the sun setting in the horizon. At least 30 to 40 pictures were taken, which Leonore insisted his friends keep as memories. With the sun finally down, leonore set off back to his home, crying. Sitting on his bed that night, Leonore felt the last ounce of him become corrupted, and the curse of the Black Blood took full effect, giving him a newfound lust for watching those he hated and saw as nuisances being tricked, tortured, played with, and killed. Almost all of Leonore's positive traits were gone- taken over by the Black Blood, giving him the influence to suddenly target the King and the other higher-ups residing in the castle in the kingdom-city. In addition, the magic Leonore had used throughout his life had become far more powerful and dangerous to handle, including the use of many forbidden, taboo spells.

Leonore then returned to the castle in the city two days later and all seemed alright, with Leonore perfectly masking his newfound taste of destruction. As the King had begun a speech on a pedestal that day, Leonore burst from the crowd and proceeded to attack with powerful blasts of energy, being stopped short by the guards and other volunteers with their own physical attacks and magic. One such blow to Leonore's head caused it to split open, revealing the Black Blood's presence to the masses before suddenly pulling Leonore's head back together, horrifying and sickening the civilians that had gathered around. One of the King's backup units immediately recognized this substance and ordered Leonore to be removed from the city at all costs, with a hoarde of guards pushing Leonore out of the city. He tried fighting back with some considerable success, though he soon became tired out from exhausting the new energy, giving the guards the edge and allowing them to force Leonore out of the kingdom. From there, all of the respect he had gathered over time had been lost, and the following day Leonore was fully exiled without any second thought, prohibited from returning.

Under the influence of the Black Blood, Leonore continued to research even stronger spells and rushed off into the east away from his former home into a very large piece of open land. For the next twenty years, Leonore began to construct his own personal kingdom that he could rule alone- using magic and the black blood to form personal servants and solders that would build and guard the kingdom from intruders, some of which contained mechanical parts from an old abandoned robotics factory in that area, which Leonore restored in the hopes of building a stronger army that would eventually overtake the city he had once resided in. As for his ex-friends, they remained together for several more years but without Leonore's presence they slowly drifted apart, one by one, to start new lives- still having a small fragment of memories with Leonore in the good old days.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even with his basic appearance, Leonore is far stronger than he looks- being swift and quick and housing a wide selection of magical powers. His claim to fame is being far more durable than normal humans due to being cursed with "Black Blood", a dark-colored semi-sentient substance in place of regular blood which allows his body to survive attacks that would prove fatal otherwise- quickly repairing and pulling back together his body if damaged or separated.

Leonore's powers include flight, teleportation, dimensional warping between the real world and his ideal dream world (being able to draw others into it through generating red-colored portals) and disguising himself as others and inanimate objects via flash-transformation, alongside magicaly-powered punches and kicks. When in a critical state, the black blood leaks out of Leonore's body and proceeds to take over- changing his appearance and making him into a ruthless hunter that puts all his power and focus onto killing whatever opposes him. If defeated, the black blood will continue to reshape Leonore into more powerful forms as he completely loses his sanity.