Name Lìhúa
Designer Ekoi
Gender Female
Age 25 (Arc 3)
28 (Arc 4)
Nationality Chinese
Height 5ft, 9 in

Lìhúa (麗華, pronounced Lee-waha) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Lìhúa has black hair rolled up into a bun, with two bangs in the front also rolled into the the bun. The bottom of her hair is loose, stopping just short of the bottom of her neck. Suspending the hair-bun is a purple strap with two dark purple wires shooting out of it and folding downwards, the ends of the wires consisting of diamonds of four colors in descending order: blue, team, green, and large sea-green.

Lìhúa wears a lose black kimono with white outlines and green insides, supported by a large green cloth that runs around her waist, further supported by a large red rope tied into a ribbon on her back. On her legs she wears thick pink-colored pantyhose and white slip-ons with black support platforms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lìhúa wields two weapons: an oversized Zhanmadao sword and a set of mechanized wind and fire wheels that after thrown, unfold their blades from the base as they spin towards a target.