Name Kurayami
Designer SuperJustinBros (original design)
Linker Luis (redesign)
Gender Female
Age 23 (Arc 1)
25 (Arc 2)
27 (Arc 3)
30 (Arc 4)
Nationality French
Height 6ft, 7in

Kurayami (暗闇) is a major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series, appearing as the leader of the Witches.


For years, Kurayami has been known in the "Darkness" universe as one of the world's strongest witches in existence, mastering many different forms of magic over the course of her training. As she grew older, she began learning illegal spells that allowed her to manipulate their teachers, forcing her into being taught various other forbidden techniques. In her late teen years, she set out to construct a castle of her own, forcing many of the world's civilians to do her bidding. As the castle was under construction, she recruited two of her childhood friends, Blake and Adelvina, to lead a gang of wanted fugitives which she called the Witches.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like with her allies, Kurayami is able to transform into a much stronger form, which gains her armor and a large staff, causes her hair to grow slightly longer, and increases her agility and strength by great numbers. As the leader; she also has access to several other morphs via transformation.



  • Kurayami's name means "darkness".