Name Grip
Designer SuperJustinBros (name)
killerphoenix92 (design)
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 2)
24 (Arc 3)
Nationality Japanese

Grip (グリップ, Grippu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Grip has long bright red hair and white eyes, and is very slim and somewhat muscular, with a robotic uniform consisting of dark grey-red fireproof fabric (including a dark grey fabric hanging from his mid-section), and shielded with red fireproof metal (through grey in the armor placed around his stomach area) located around his body.


Grip is an energetic, confident, and outgoing boy who puts all of his efforts into tasks and never thinks of giving up. However, it doesn't take much for something to get on Grip's nerves and severely aggravate him. Additionally, despite possessing good muscle mass and overall strength, his intelligence is mediocre.

As a child growing up, Grip originally lived with his twin brother, Gnear, at an old, worn-down home with parents that regularly neglected them for their own amusement, forcing them into horrid work situations as the boys lived throughout the harsh lifestyle they were given. Being the stronger of the two twins physically, Grip tasked himself with keeping an eye out for Gnear, who didn't have the raw strength to do the things Grip could. When Grip and Gnear reached the age of 10, Grip declared in secret that he and Gnear were unfit for this lifestyle, and so late the following morning, the twins took off on a small sailboat wearing only pairs of saggy jeans and white T-shirts to find somewhere else to live, leaving everything behind but a cooler containing two water bottles and two sandwiches.

Eventually, the sun would rise, with Grip almost out of energy and resources. Determined and further encouraged by his brother's impending exhaustion, he continues paddling. Minutes later, they find a beach with a small cottage and a man working on the shorelines, so they park the sailboat on the shallow waters and approach the man who takes notice of the two dirtied up and warn out boys. The twins properly introduce themselves and tell the man of their previous lifestyle, and the man reveals himself as Sharkane and accepts their offer to stay with him.

During this time, Grip would be taught all of Sharkane's skills and techniques while becoming as assistant to him in the workshop alongside Gnear. As thanks for his help, Sharkane would later make Grip his own battle armor, personalized to match Grip's preferences and make good use of his strongest skills, leading to it being the heavier of the two armors Sharkane created for the twins.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Sharkane, Grip's main weapon of choice is a flamethrower, though instead of a large hand-held black flamethrower alike Sharkane's, Grip's is instead the size of a modern-day rifle, colored dark grey and modified to increase firepower. This prevents Grip from being able to store much fuel in the flamethrower itself, and instead the remainder of the fuel is contained within the fuel tank strapped to Grip's back, attached to the main weapon through a long tube. Additionally, like Sharkane's weapon, Grip's flamethrower has a bayonet embedded underneath the nozzle, allowing for effective use as a melee weapon.



  • Grip and his twin brother Gnear are named after the quote "Rip and Tear", with G's mixed into the two words.