Name Donovan
Designer Billion
Gender Male
Age 23 (Arc 1)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 10in

Donovan (ドノバン, Donoban) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Donovan is the Witches' scientist, alchemy and blacksmith ascending from an alternative universe of Japan. He is very smart, but also carries the arrogance of genius. He holds virtually all the world- including most of the Witches themselves- in utter disdain. He can (and does, when he's got an acceptable target) launch into extended rants about his intelligence and his listener's relative lack thereof. Third parties are often amused- he's got a talent for colorful metaphors.

His primary aim in life is the acquisition of knowledge; he spends most of his time researching various subjects in the Witches' laboratory. The lab was what got Donovan to join the Witches, far more than any other factor- his commitment to the Witches' goals is blatently tepid.

Donovan is responsible for creating the team's many different spells and weapons. Kurayami trusts Donovan to deliver on what he commits to, but he refuses to get pulled in by her charismatic manner. That refusal represents, to Kurayami, a rebellion: that there is someone she cannot control with her exotic charms. However, another member of the clan, Anthea, sees this subtle rebellion as well, and is drawn to it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike the other witches (barring Kurayami), who only have one transformed state, Donovan has two. In his first form, he resembles a sorcerer, clad in violet-colored cloth, with a grey cape, several pieces of armor, different, triangular-shaped glasses, and a compartment on his left wrist used for holding potions, salves, powders, and other necessary tools, for use on himself or his allies. Donovan prefers to work and battle at close range for his spells to have the best and most accurate effects.

His second form clads Donovan with many containers strapped around his chest, an alchemical blender on his right wrist, and two large tanks strapped to the back of his belt, used to store the empty viles and bottles he uses. His topwear disolves into a "Hexagon Battlestaff", loaded with an alchemical infusor, which contains six spells ready to strike. The six spells can be hand-selected and customised for different attack tactics. Donovan can also perform an "Alchemical Burnout", his strongest attack, by loading his full supply of spells into the staff and swinging. This causes a powerful blast of plasma to erupt from Donovan's staff at a fast speed. Having used all his alchemical reagents, however, he must then resort to basic melee combat or assistance from the other witches to continue fighting.