Name Claud
Designer SuperJustinBros, Danita Sibert
Gender Male
Age 16 (Arc 3)
19 (Arc 4)
Nationality Hispanic-Japanese
Height 5ft, 4in

Claud (クロード, Kurōdo), sometimes called Claus, is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Claud has pale, mid-tone skin with messy black hair, black eye shadow on his eyes, and two silver rings pierced into his right nostril and lower lip. He wears a black collar around his neck and a striped sleeveless vest with dark plum and khaki stripes and folds on the top, and a chest pocket.

On his left arm, Claud wears a thick piece of cloth decorated with a particular pattern, and on his right arm he wears two black wristbands. Claud wears black jeans with a dark grey belt, and black and white sneakers on his feet.

Strapped onto Claud's back is a large plastic water bottle filled up with sand, with various stickers, tape, and decals stuck onto the surface, usually to patch up cracks in the bottle that occur during time. The bottle has a pop-open lid painted black, which is attached to the top of the bottle with a ring of plastic. The bottle is secured onto Claud's back through two black straps styled like those found on a backpack, which are worn around Claud's arms, and a strap on the back of Claus' belt, which snaps onto and locks in the lower side of the bottle. These straps are attached to several pieces of fabric wrapped around the bottle's middle and lower areas, keeping it steady and in place as Claud maneuvers.


Very little, if anything, is known about Claud or his history prior to moving to Japan at around the age of 14, as he arrived into Japan with a grouchy and depressed personality and most importantly- his ability to bend and manipulate sand.

Taking an interest in the public goth scene upon his arrival, he soon began to wear dark clothing and eye shadow as he enrolled in high school, using his sand-manipulation powers to impress and entertain the local population in sandy areas. This helped him fit in with the other high school goths and gave him a small number of friends as well, softening him up slightly.

Weeks later, Claud began to grow a desire into performing and showing off his skills in areas not covered in sand, leading to him purchasing two water bottles, dumping their contents, and guiding sand into the two bottles with magic to fill them completely, before tucking the sand-bottles into his two pockets. With the two bottles, Claud started doing more shows, even learning how to compress the sand and solidify it.

As weeks and eventually months passed, Claud wanted to take his performances to the next level, so he began work on constructing a giant plastic bottle that he could wear like a backpack, gathering his close friends to assist in the construction. After some time, construction on the bottle had finished, however it was very crude in design and seemed prone to breaking, leading to Claud finding a way to make one that was much more durable. Claud marked the location of a water bottle factory in Japan, and rushed there to do one show and convince the factory's operators to construct a larger bottle that Claud could use. They agreed, and after several days, the redesigned giant bottle was complete.

Returning to his hometown, Claud would eventually gain a new interest: combat with his sand magic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Claud can manipulate streams of sand from his bottle to form projectiles, barriers, and generated clouds of rough sandstorms near where he stood. Through all his efforts, Claud began to realize a limit to his sand-manipulation- he could only manipulate as much as his sand bottle could hold at once, with any attempts at manipulating more sand causing him to pass out.



  • Claud's battle style is reminiscent of Gaara from the Naruto universe.