Name Ciber
Designer vampirialemotion
Gender Male
Age Built to be 14 (1), 16 (2), 18 (3), 21 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 4ft, 7in

Ciber (サイバー, Saibā) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Ciber is the eighth and second-to-last of the Jetters developed after Kokoro's creation, and was created to be mentally the youngest of the Jetters- two years younger than his roommate Zidra.

Ciber is arguably the most fragile of the Jetters due to being timid, a slight klutz and getting startled and scared easily. At home, Ciber spends most of his time accompanied by his creator and big brother Aozora or one of the other eight Jetters. Of them, Britly tends to receive the most of Ciber's attention, helping her out around the house.

As Ciber grew older and eventually entered adulthood after four years since his creation, Ciber began to learn from and overcome his mistakes. These improvements also helped Ciber in combat, enabling him to take more risks without fear. However, he is still rather paranoid and can jump to the smallest surprise.