Name Chronos
Designer AhYou
Gender Male
Age 53 (Arc 3)
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 5in

Chronos (クロノス, Kuronosu) is a major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Chronos is a tall, muscular, white-haired superbeing with a general appearance reminiscent of a demon. He has a pair of plum-colored horns on his forehead bending backwards, glowing violet eyes on black sclera and a large red gem embedded into his chest- held in tight by dry blood and dark matter.

Chronos' body is wrapped in an armor created from solidified dark matter, taking the form of plum-colored stone, metal, and crystals. The armor encloses the entirety of Chronos' body excluding his head, chest, and his left arm- which has some plum stones shooting out of the skin. On the back side of the armor is a makeshift spine. Magenta lights run through the different cracks and joints of the armor, representing the energy flowing through Chronos' body. The armor on his left shoulder contains an opening that leaks and vents out excess energy in the form of magenta smoke. Most of the power within Chronos is contained within his arms, coloring the skin on his left arm and the armor on his right arm bright magenta.

When out of combat or in public areas, Chronos morphs the dark matter on his body into a fancy plum-colored suit/robe hybrid and turns his eyes into basic violet eyes on white sclera. His horns and long, white hair still remain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his standard form, Chronos has access to extremely powerful and nearly unrivaled magical powers which can manifest as either darkness or lightness- colored dark violet and bright magenta respectively. Unlike traditional depictions of demonic humanoids, Chronos possesses no weakness to light and holy-infused attacks.

Chronos' main skills include the ability to distort and warp time and space in the areas he stands, create gravity wells to pull in targets, and cast shields and barriers made of hard light to guard against attacks. Chronos also possesses the ability to levitate and fly at quick speeds, though his on-land movement is restricted slightly due to the bulkiness of his armor. When fighting at close range, Chronos retracts and sheds some of the armor on his body to gain agility and summons a personalized sword in his right hand- which is then wielded with one or both his hands. In this form, Chronos' armor gains a red hue and his traditional magic is mildly reduced due to it being drawn into the sword, allowing Chronos to use spells on the sword such as increasing it's length and/or sharpness with plasma, apply elemental powers, or send out solidified waves or beams of light/darkness to attack from afar.

When switching back to his primary form, the sword disappears and Chronos' armor regrows and forms back into it's original state. Though Chronos can still wield the sword in his standard form, it is not recommended.