Name Chouko
Designer Oad-art
Gender Female
Age 20 (Arc 3)
23 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 10in

Chouko (チョウコウ, Choukou) is a character in Aozora's Adventure.


Chouko has short indigo-purple hair in a bob-cut with fuchsia eyes and a dark violetish-black eye mask. On her body she wears a sleeveless dark dull violet gothic dress with clevage showing and a short multi-layered skirt, with a black belt running across it to store he pocket knives and pistols, while also providing a strap to mount her giant scythe to her back. On her arms she has metallic dark indigo shoulder pads with steel edging and a heart pattern on the center of each pad, dark violet arm-warmers, and black leather fingerless gloves.

On her legs, Couko wears black and violet striped leggings with metallic violet knee pads and dark violetish-black rollerskate-boots with violet-colored straps. On the outer sides of the boots are exhaust pipes that bend towards the back and serve as thrusters for increased speed when rollerblading.


Chouko is a cunning and mischievous lady who enjoys flirting with boys (despite not seeking a serious relationship) and teasing both friends and foes alike. Taking in most of her rich family's funds in secret without them realizing, she broke off all ties with them in her high school years and relocated to a small but top-secret underground base located within a carnival, using the money to spice up the location into a private den and acquire a large number of weapons and gadgets, including her signature scythe and rocket rollerblades.

She is good pals with Hiromori whom she met not long after the completion of her underground base, taking interest in his personality and fighting style. In present time, she makes Aozora a target for her personal teasing games. She also has a friendship with Jigoku, but not much is known about what kind of friendship the two are enveloped in.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chouko's main weapon of choice is a scythe which can be thrown like a boomerang, in addition to other bladed weapons and guns. Chouko also uses jet-powered four-wheeled roller skates for quick movement, which she wears constantly.