Name Bachi
Designer SuperJustinBros (concept),
Unknow-Akatsuki (design),
Riftka (weapon design)
Gender Male
Age 29 (Arc 2)
31 (Arc 3)
34 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 6in

Bachi (バチ) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Bachi is a well-trained, athletic, and educated super soldier that watches over a large, high-tech city from the tallest buildings it has with his personal army. He is armed with an oversized assault rifle that he carries with little to no effort.

Bachi himself does not talk much and prefers concentrating on accomplishing his missions and eliminating threats without interruption. He does not show much outside emotion as years of fighting and the stress that accompanied him through having to take part in a plethora of missions changed him internally, but he will show clear respect to anyone he trusts.

He is best friends with Sharkane, who he met one day while venturing out on the beaches next to Sharkane's cottage. He also has a trusted ally in Gunthor, who commands his army of "Goons" into battle, accompanying and serving as reinforcements for Bachi. Bachi also has grown a rivalry with Rizer, whom he met one day while out on a highly important mission.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bachi's rifle can alternate between firing shots straight ahead or in a spread, shotgun-like fashion by exploding the bullets right as they are fired out of the gun. Alongside his rifle, Bachi also uses magnetic remote-controlled black pellets that can be signaled to explode on a timer or on command by performing gestures with his left hand, which is read by the supercomputer on Bachi's chest and sent to the pellets, signaling their detonation. With his special combat boots, he can run and perform flips with increased speed, as well as cling to and run on walls with power of electro-magnetism.

The supercomputer provides enhanced strength to Bachi's arms and a resistance to gunfire and other projectiles via an invisible magnetic field applied on Bachi's clothing. In addition, the supercomputer is almost impossible to destroy with bare hands, and can be easily repaired by Bachi if it is damaged during or after combat.



  • Bachi's appearance is a loose hybrid of Leviathan from Hard Corps: Uprising, and Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
    • Bachi's firearms are meant to resemble the large guns used in Hard Corps: Uprising, specifically Bahamut's and Leviathan's.