Aozora the Fighters

Placement in series

Arc 3 spinoff

Based on

Sonic the Fighters, with many elements of mainstream "tournament" fighters such as Street Fighter, The King of Fighters, Killer Instinct, and Guilty Gear




Aozora the Fighters: Round 2

Aozora the Fighters (アオゾラ・ザ・ファイターズ, Aozora za Faitāzu) is a planned spinoff fighting game in the Aozora's Adventure series, featuring many of it's characters up to Rock-Aozora 3.

It's primary gameplay is based around the 2.5D fighter Sonic the Fighters (including the use of a low-polygonal graphics style reminiscent of Sega's Model 2 board), though with controls and game mechanics closely based off of mainstream competitive fighters, with combos, special attacks, supers, and circular battle arenas (with a choice of traditional two-dimensional arenas). The game's atmosphere is not as comical and slapstick-heavy as Sonic the Fighters, playing off a more serious tone with less cartoony elements, ala many modern-era fighters.


The game would have a basic six-button layout: Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick, Guard/Block (which also allows grabbing opponents if the player presses it in conjunction with any Punch button) and Special, which fires a projectile or does a form of ranged or miscellaneous attack. Each arena also has a basic 2D-plane version alike traditional tournament fighters, which can be set to be the default (and is considered the default in more competitive game modes)

Each fighter has a four-segment Super meter which starts empty (though it is capped to 3 on Round 1), which is used to perform a fighter's two Level 1 Supers, a Level 2 Super, or a Level 3 super.

Characters are also capable of performing Desperation (also known as OHKO) attacks if they have previously won a match, needs only one more match to win, and has a full Super bar while the opponent has less than 35% health remaining. These will instantly defeat a target if executed.

Each fighter in the game has twelve different color palettes which fully alter their hair, skin, and outfit colors. Within the game's settings, CPU's can be set to only use the default first palette or any of the twelve palettes at random. Two additional colors, Gold and Shadow, are available only for CPU fighters and drastically alter their play style to be stronger should they be one of these colors. These two special colors cannot be selected through the randomizer if randomized CPU palettes is set.


Due to the excessive size of the game's roster, the game would have periodic updates over time that add in additional fighters, stages, and balancing existing characters.

  1. Initial release (Aozora's Adventure and Rock-Aozora)
  2. Aozora's Adventure II/Rock-Aozora 2
  3. Aozora's Adventure Gaiden and Aozora's Adventure 3D World (enables Plus mode in Arcade)
  4. Rock-Aozora 3
  5. Aozora's Adventure III

Game ModesEdit



The basic single player mode, which can be played on two styles (Normal and Plus) and four difficulties (Easy, Standard, Hard, and Intense). All matches are played in a best of three format. There is also an extra difficulty if both Intense and Intense Plus modes are defeated, which is exclusive to "Console" mode.

Difficulty Normal Battles Boss Battles Mirror Match Type Endurances Shadow Battles Gold Battles Final Boss
Easy 5 1 None 0 0 0 None
Standard 7 1 Normal 0 0 0 Joker
Hard 8 1 Normal 2 0 0 Joker
Intense 9 2 Normal 2 0 0 Shadow Joker
Easy Plus 0 2 Normal 3 1 0 None
Standard Plus 0 3 Shadow 3 1 1 Orpheus
Hard Plus 0 3 Shadow 2 2 1 Orpheus
Intense Plus 0 4 Gold 2 2 2 Gold Orpheus
Godhand 0 5 Gold 2 2 2 Gold Joker, then Gold Orpheus

If the player is either Joker or Orpheus, the final boss will instead be Aozora on Easy or Normal, or Uchizora on Hard, Intense, or Godhand, in either their Normal, Shadow, or Gold forms.

A scoring system is in place which counts up by landing hits and ultimately KO'ing an opponent, though if a player gets KO'd in a round, they lose all the points they acquired during that round. Alongside a letter rank, players also gain Time Bonuses for defeating opponents quickly, Stamina Bonuses for how much life they have remaining, Tech Bonuses from teching, Defense Bonuses for how well a player dodges and blocks oncoming attacks, and Perfect and Double Perfect bonuses if they can achieve a "Perfect" on one or both rounds back to back without a loss. There are also "First Attack" and "Super Finish" bonuses for inflicting the first non-blocked hit in the match and finishing off an opponent with a Super attack.

Executing a Desperation will add a Desperation bonus that is worth just as much as a Perfect. Using a continue will add a single point to the counter (until the ones digit is at 9) and lock out entering the leaderboard.


A single player mode where the player must do battle against all the game's roster (baring Final Bosses) in a random order, gaining a small amount of life back if they win a match. Ends if the player's fighter is KO'd once.


Solo modes where either another player or a CPU fighter (not including Gold or Shadow colors) allies with the player.

Doubles ArcadeEdit

Arcade mode, but with each side having two fighters instead of one.

Doubles RallyEdit

Rally Mode, though played in doubles. If one fighter on the player's team is KO'd while the other survives, the downed fighter is revived thanks to the after-match bonus. Ends if both combatants are KO'd in one match.



The mode for exhibition matches with two players, supporting Player vs. Player, Player vs. Computer, or Computer vs. Computer battles.

Doubles Vs.Edit

Same as above, except both sides now have two combatants fighting at the same time. Supports up to four players.

Multi-Fighter Vs.Edit

Instead of determining the winner by number of KO's, both sides have teams of two to four, with one combatant form each side fighting at once. When a fighter is KO'd, they are removed and the next fighter of the team enters while the victor of the round gains a small amount of energy back. The team that has all their fighters KO'd loses. During matches, the other combatants stand on the sidelines, and appear to be either unamused or knocked out on the side if they've been defeated.

Characters and StagesEdit

The following characters are available for use initially once released, along with their home stages:

The following require the player to complete one run in any single player mode on Normal or harder for the first half, followed by Hard or harder for the second half to meet, then they must be defeated in a battle to unlock. Once a character appears, they can be re-challenged indefinitely until the player wins.

The following require the player to meet a preset special condition/requirement in-game, then defeat them in a one-on-one battle to unlock.

The following also require special conditions to unlock; however they are only playable in "Console" mode and serve as pre-Final bosses in singlepalyer.

The following are considered "Final Bosses" in single player and can only be played in "Console" mode as nerfed versions after defeating them on a high enough difficulty.

The following stages are used for only special events and have no characters associated with them:

  • (Practice Center)
  • (Tournament Field)
  • (Tournament Field-Finals)