Aozora's House is the main residence of Aozora and where he lives with his current family: the nine Jetters, and two miniature robots Paku-Chan and Ball-Kun. The house is a standard urban Japanese home with two stories and a basement.


First FloorEdit

The first floor is designed in a rectangular shape divided into four quarters, with the front door being at the home's south end, in-between the lowest two quarters and is placed close to the stairs leading to the second floor. The bottom-left quarter serves as the kitchen, with a countertop with bar seats and a eight person dining table. The bottom right is the general living/TV room, and the top-left and top-right quarters serving miscellaneous purposes. On the west side of the house in the kitchen is the side door, leading into the family's flower garden. Both the east and north ends of the house have sliding window doors.

Second FloorEdit

On the second floor, there are four bedrooms located on each of the four corners of the floor. The top left bedroom is the Older Boy's bedroom, which Aozora and Higure share, the top right is the Younger Boy's bedroom, where Zidra and Ciber reside, the bottom left is the Master Bedroom occupied by Beta, Simon, and Britly (the latter two sharing a bed), and in the bottom right is the Girl's Bedroom, shared by Redd, Kokoro, and Moriya. In-between the two boy's bedrooms is the second floor restroom, and opposite of it between the Girls' and Master's bedrooms is a general closet. Each bedroom also has their own closets.