This article is about the series as a whole. For the first game in the series. see Aozora's Adventure (game). For the character, see Aozora.
Aozora's Adventure
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Justin De Lucia (SuperJustinBros.)

Release Date

October 21, 2009


Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Science Fantasy

Aozora's Adventure (アオゾラの冒険, Aozora no Bōken, formerly known as Aozora Jitsuwa), is an original-character series designed by Justin De Lucia, otherwise known as Superjustinbros. It was originally created in late October 2009 following the cancelation of Super Justin. Despite originating in America, it has many Japanese-esque traits and characteristics, with anime-inspired visuals and nods, references, and tributes to famous works in fiction.

It is planned to become a series of video games that dwells into a verity of genres and starring a large, diverse, and colorful cast of characters. The games would be made to allude to other games, most notably Super Mario and Mega Man, with many tweaks to their gameplay styles to further diverse them from the originals.



Poster featuring many characters from Arc 1 and Arc 2.

In an alternate universe in the near future, the planet Earth has become a world of adventure ripe for new discoveries, with the seven continents being filled with many different, usually utopian, landmarks and biome types. The powers of biology and technology has risen to new levels, and magic and sorcery have become popular subjects, with a number of the world's population now having their own assortment of supernatural abilities.

The series focuses on a Japanese young adult named Aozora, who uses Power-ups, Gear, and Special Weapons and his many adventures across the world, meeting and battling new friends and foes as well as stopping evil forces led by the the likes of characters like Joker, Kurayami, Erebos, Robo-Aozora, Chronos, Leonore, and Tsaressa.

In another dimension, a darker, more twisted and mythical word taking place on an "Inner Earth" unfolds, featuring Dedrick in a more fantasy-driven world featuring demons and mythology.


Currently, the series takes course over multiple timeline arcs, each taking place two years apart in-universe (three in the case of Arcs 3 and 4). They are listed along with their original year and month of creation.

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Name In Other LanguagesEdit

  • Chinese (Traditional): 青空的冒險 (Qīngkōng de Màoxiǎn)
  • Korean: 아오 조라 모험 (AoJola Moheom)