Name Anthea
Designer Icyshadowlord
Gender Female
Age 24 (Arc 1)
26 (Arc 2)
28 (Arc 3)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 10in

Anthea (アンシア, Anshia) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series, designed by Icyshadowlord.


Anthea is a woman with a hour-glass body, and pale caucasian skin. Her eyes are sapphire blue in color while her hair is of a pale shade of blonde. Her casual wear consists of dark blue jeans, a white top with yellow flowers on it and a dark blue jacket. She also wears rounded glasses, but they seem to only be a part of her disguise as she is not visually impaired.

Upon transforming, her casual clothes are replaced with fancy Baroque-inspired dark robes with red, flower-shaped linings. The skirt of the dress reaches slightly below her knees, and she wears black jeans and a dark red top underneath the robe. She also wears a black witch hat, decorated with red flower linings. On the left side of the hat reads "Abandon Hope" in an old English font, written with crimson letters. She usually puts her glasses away when changing to her witch form.


Anthea is the eigth and final member of the Witches.


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