Name Aikae
Designer SuperJustinBros
Gender Female
Age 17 (at death)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 7in (at death)

Aikae (タイム, Taimu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Aikae is the late girlfriend of Masayoshi who died of a birth defect she was diagnosed with at an early period of her life on the night of a large dance party she was attending.

For most of her early life, Aikae was independent, keeping herself away from others as she felt like she didn't need any friends to be happy. This changed when she entered middle school, when she began to dress in gothic clothing and soon developed a small group of friends she would hang out with periodically. Around this time was when she first laid eyes on young Masayoshi, who was walking down the isle opposite of her, completely oblivious to her presence.

After class one day, Masayoshi found Aikae outside on the school grounds sitting alone and waiting for her other friends to show up. Aikae moved her belongings to the side when she noticed Masayoshi, sharing eye contact with each other for the first time. Masayoshi sat next to Aikae as they exchanged small talk, but he soon left when Aikae's other friends appeared. The two met several more times over the school year, including one instance where she found Masayoshi breakdancing outside, convincing Aikae to dance alongside him. It was at this time that Aikae confessed her love to Masayoshi, which he instantly agreed to. From there on until the fatal night four years later, she remained very close with Masayoshi, who was also the last person she would lay her eyes in her last dying breaths in the hospital.